Addressing data stowaways and R memory usage

Among the errors R sessions produce, one commonly feared is: Error: cannot allocate vector of size X. This error is thrown when you force-feed R too much data. In other words, the system ran out of memory to run an operation. Not only is this an issue when trying to load a single massive data-set but also when a project slowly develops over time and becomes complex.

Bayes' Town: A place of data simulation

Welcome to Bayes’ Town Bayes’ Town is a special place, a place where we can be omnipotent and omniscient. We take comfort in having knowledge and control of all things, even though we know the entire place is apart from reality, a muddled reflection at best and a complete fantasy at worst. Bayes’ Town is a simulation, a useful tool to explore scenarios and test hypotheses, based in reality or otherwise.

Adding info tiles to R Markdown

R Markdown and customization For better or worse, creating reports is a common (if not endless) request for anyone working with data. R Markdown makes the reporting process easier, which I am very thankful for and it has definitely not gone unnoticed by others. If this is the first time hearing about R markdown, enlightenment awaits you here. R Markdown can do many great things right out of the box, as is evident from the details in Yihui Xie’s new book R Markdown Cookbook.

Tokyo Ramen: Mapping with OpenStreetMaps

Due to the combination of physical distancing and my work supporting the analytics arm of Alberta’s COVID-19 pandemic response, I have been unable to visit some of my favorite ramen shops. Naturally, I have been thinking about ramen, usually of my favorite locations in Tokyo. Another topic at the front of my mind has been mapping; one of my contributions to the COVID-19 response has been creating a seemingly endless supply of maps, most of which were cast into the fires of rejection…

RStudio Conference 2020: Highlights

A couple weeks ago I attended the rstudio::conf 2020 in San Francisco, participating in the training day workshops as well as the two day conference for the first time. To heap on all the praise at once… I really enjoyed the experience, there was a strong sense of community among attendees and I had great conversations with like-minded R users. It is nice to discuss nuanced data analysis details without fearing that person will yawn or furtively glance at a nearby timepiece in mid-conversation.